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Note. Dont Try any offer less than 90 pure for my rocket :)

Send me trade offer or add me if you interested
ge well wrap for belt and rocket
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No thanks..Good luck Selling :)
well i have a [clean] Sunbeams war pig price 660 interested ;)?
I have a green energy woolen warmer, 1 of 6, clean, commando grade, all class and priced at 260. Any offers on it?
So I'm offering for the rocket it's not pure but I got a circling hart charmers a strange PDA and I know it's not enough I can get pure and inw9ukd like to know how much more would I need
ReTado /
Sorry not looking for spy unusual :)
It's all good then I'll come back with another one soon enough but if not happy trading :D
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.