Taking offers on a dank dual-class White Energy set inclusive of a Purple Energy Well Wrapped Hat and a technically 1 of 1 Spelled Spec KS G.
Energy Hazmat Headcase.

Both Clean, and short History on the Well-Wrapped(if it matters to you)
Screenshot as Sniper: https://img.../w1Xe5

B/O on the Well-Wrapped: 260 Keys/300 in Unusuals.
B/O on the Hazmat Headcase: 700 Keys/ overpay in GOOD Unusuals.
B/O on the set: 900 Keys Pure/ 1200+ in item Overpay.

Notable Offers:
Beams War Pig + adds (hazmat)
Beams Cotton Head (hazmat)
C. Moon Veil + cash (hazmat)
C. Hearts View if I add (hazmat)
Beams Well Wrapped if i add (well wrapped)
And others that were fairly uninteresting.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.