Rockeyroad1415| B>QS 200+Keys
Clean Demo Set @ Cheapest Prices! Check Histories here!->
Smoking Cowl - 11 keys 20 ref / 15 keys in items CHEAPER THEN BOTS
Aussie Pro Ks Grenade Launcher - 22 keys / 26 keys in items.
Aussie Pro Ks Stickybomb Launcher - 19 keys 24 ref / 24 keys in items.
Aussie Pro Ks Frontier Justice - 11 keys 32 ref / 14 keys in items.
Strange Pro Ks Pain Train - 1 key 10 ref / 2 keys in items.
I am not quickselling but I prefer pure most, so if you are willing to offer pure, I may be able to lower my price to accomodate :)
Trade offers is the fastest way to get my attention, however I am happy for people to add me!
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I’ve got a double spelled chromatic and gagreen crones done with team spirit paint worth ~15k, would you do that for the cowl
no thanks
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I can offer 9 pure for the cowl. Open to negotiate.
I'm willing to trade in pure keys once I'm able to trade again. If your offer for the cowl is still here when I'm able to trade again, would that be an appealing trade?
Sure, send me a trade offer when ready!
I sent a trade offer to you
11 keys 20 ref does not equal to 10 keys
You said you could go lower if it was in pure so i tried to negotiate a bit, would 11 pure be ok?
already offering the best price, and what i said there meant that i would go lower to make my price the best price in the market
хudshii v mire
9 key for unusual demo
Flippi Doo
11 keys for your demo unusual my dude
Flippi Doo
i can get 20 ref
Flippi Doo
nvm you already sold it
Flippi Doo
its ok
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.