Rockeyroad1415| B>QS 100+Keys
Clean Items @ Cheapest Prices! Check Histories here!->
Frostbite Stainless Pot - 60 keys / 65 keys in items
Aussie Spec FESTIVE Ks Stickybomb Launcher - 13 keys 25 ref / 16 keys in items.
I am not quickselling but I prefer pure most, so if you are willing to offer pure, I may be able to lower my price to accomodate :)
Trade offers is the fastest way to get my attention, however I am happy for people to add me!
Check out my other trades here! -
I have a Skill Gotten Gains Buy a life and a Showstopper Party Trick if you can add some sweets. They are both taunts so I'd understand.
Both become tradable on Monday, January 8th.
For the pot
Thanks for your offer. But I will pass for now.
Hello, can I add you to discuss about your unusual?
sure, I dont see you added me. So if you want o ad me go ahead!
Winter Man
Hustler's Hallmark - Vivid Plasma (demo)
A company man with searing plasma, how much in adds would you want for the pot
Asking for 65 keys in items.. so you are short by like 25-30 keys.. Can take items!
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.