Selling Some Hats:
↓↓ Buyout Below ↓↓

Human Cannonball . 250 keys
A Rather Festive Tree . 100 keys
Crocleather Slouch . 115 keys
Copper's Hard Top . 39 keys
Buckaroos Hat . 40 keys
Familiar Fez . 60 keys
Tam O' Shanter . 60 keys
Airdog . 65 keys

I am looking for pure / mixed offers / unusual overpay / csgo offers / australium & strange weapons / expensive items

Selling & Buying other items:
My Trade Offer Link :
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scorching burgler for fez bucka and coopers
Hello There
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Offer sent for buckaroos
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Prof ks australium medigun + 10 keys for the fez?
Drake's son
I offered u something
Please grey out the items you no longer have in stock or the trade will be closed.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.