The Fake Mixxylicious
HEY!!! Mixxy here!!

im selling these unusuals for your unusual offers, max head offers or your HOUWAR offers :) i take item offers but with a huge overpay of 25-30% but that depends on the items
please offer below and i will comment on it, either its to low, perfect price or C/O
I would be even happier if you unusual/items are painted pink

PLEASE GOD DONT OFFER ROBO HATS OR EFFECTS!! i dont mind any other thing.

CSGO Items > more than one unusuals > pures/promo items > one expensive unusual > items

if the hat is not in my BP its in the market... so trade it fast before someone buys it

the most important thing you should remember is... HAVE FUN!
do you accept unusual taunts?
The Fake Mixxylicious
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.