• Completed
✠Mad Max✠
This epic Tripple Green Sniper set right here ...

Marauder is Clean and 1 of 3 , Phosphorous Veil is Clean and 1 of 5, Demonflame Yellowbelt is Clean and 1 of 2 ( Technicly 1 of 1 as the other one hasnt been up for Trade since over a Year)

Dont mind keeping this set, the Yellowbelt gonna stay 1 of 1 forever probably as we all know they either gonna add more shitty effects like 2016 or bring halloween effects in crates with Grade System.

Offer Keys or Unusuals (no unusual Weapons or Taunts)

Dont add me, post down below or use Tradeoffer, Thx ( Check out my other 1 of 1´s )

This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.