A Lethal Dose of Salvation
Taking offers on this nice (themed?) demo hat :) feel free to send a trade offer or go ahead and add me to discuss, cheers
I mean, I got a Hustlers Hallmark with the same effect, I think your forcing the theme of a drunk Skirt wearing drunk irish man
It's a reggae, high theme (I dont necessarily agree with it but i dont think it;'s forced).. I realize youre probably 12 because youre using a normie meme as your avatar though so I'll let it pass, gl to you mate (lol)
Passive aggressive much? Also drunk=/=high. Assuming age on the internet? What a surprise.
Im not going to explain how a bong works to a 12 yr old on a trading website lol. For your future reference, you should go to a forum/my profile or something with this type of comment, why do you think this belongs on my trade exaclty? Just because you dont think its themed doesnt mean it isnt to other people
but it isnt themed lmao
see my responses above, i dont care if you dont think its themed & "I dont necessarily agree with it but i dont think it's forced". It's a 40 key unusual do you really think i personally care about a theme on it?
t h e m e d
another great contribution. if anything these comments are making me think about it more.. and I've realized that i still think it's themed. congrats to you for doing nothing, not changing my trade notes bc of other people's meaningless opinions/memers
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