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|TvM| Mrs. U
Trade offers Only. I am not able to accept adds while I am gone.

The Soviet Strongarm Unusualifier 9 keys

Results Are In Unusualifier 9 keys

Eye-Catcher (footprint spell, Corpse Gray) - 4 keys
Eye-Catcher (footprint spell, Bruised Purple) - 4 keys
Eye-Catcher (footprint spell, Violent Violet) - 4 keys

Eye-Catcher (footprint spell, Headless Horseshoes) - 8 keys

Strange Specialized Killstreak Rocket Launcer (Team shine, spells pumpkin bombs, exorcism, Parts) - 10 keys

pro ks blutsauger kit (singularity emerald)- 3 keys

Im selling these for my friend cuz he has a 15 day trade hold.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.