(×çGLx) Gentlemen
Looking to sell these amazing killstreak kits for pure ref/keys

Professional Killstreak Shotgun Kit (Firehorns/Manndarin) - SOLD OUT!
*Specialized Killstreak Sniper rifle Kit (Deadily Daffodil) - 1.5 Keys
Specialized Killstreak Rocket Launcher Kit (Deadily Daffodil) - 2.5 Keys
*Specialized Killstreak Shotgun Kit (Hot Rod) - 1.5 Keys
Specialized Killstreak Spy Cicle Kit (Deadily Daffodil) - 0.5 Keys
Specialized Killstreak G.O.R.U (Villainous Voilet) - 0.5 Keys

* = Team shine is available and in stock for an extra 0.5 Keys

Please only send me a trade offer, do not friend me or you will be ignored, Thanks and have a nice day.
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i want to trade.
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for 1 key?
15 ref each for the spy cicle or the gru kit?
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