Looking to sell these amazing killstreak kits for pure ref/keys

Professional Killstreak Shotgun Kit (Firehorns/Manndarin) - SOLD OUT!
*Specialized Killstreak Sniper rifle Kit (Deadily Daffodil) - 1.5 Keys
Specialized Killstreak Rocket Launcher Kit (Deadily Daffodil) - 2.5 Keys
*Specialized Killstreak Shotgun Kit (Hot Rod) - 1.5 Keys
Specialized Killstreak Spy Cicle Kit (Deadily Daffodil) - 0.5 Keys
Specialized Killstreak G.O.R.U (Villainous Voilet) - 0.5 Keys

* = Team shine is available and in stock for an extra 0.5 Keys

Please only send me a trade offer, do not friend me or you will be ignored, Thanks and have a nice day.
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i want to trade.
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for 1 key?
15 ref each for the spy cicle or the gru kit?
[L2] Retro
i would like to offer 1 key for two of your cheapest spec killstreak kits
Can you please update this post? Really outdated, many of the items you listed are missing.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.