Expensive Agnes Plush (Haunted)
Looking to sell my lovely Engineer unusuals for DISCOUNTED PRICES! Currently selling for the cheapest on the market and looking for pure or overpay offers! (But no taunts)

Burning Flames Western Wear: 45 keys pure, 60+ keys in unusual overpay. Lovely 1st gen god teir engie hat for a very cheap price! Possibly the cheapest Burning engie unusual on the market that can be used for a nice set SOLD

Aces High Brainiac Hairpiece: 25 Keys pure, 40+ keys in unusual overpay. Lovely 3rd gen affordable engie misc for a cheap price! Can be paired with other unusuals for a great combo set!
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Got a Cauldrons Bubbles Hustlers Hallmark, for the Western Wear?
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