Looking to buy some items with PURE metal!

Rack --> 2.66 ref

Faux Manchu --> 8.66 ref

Fresh Brewed Victory taunt --> 7.33 ref

Bruiser's Bandana (NOT BUYING ANYMORE)

Sub Zero Suit --> 9 ref

Arkam Cowl --> 9.33 ref

Summer Shades --> 8 ref

Hong Kong Cone --> 3.66 ref

If you're looking to sell it for a slightly higher price, I'd encourage you to still send a trade offer as I may be willing to accept it

DONT add me. Send trade offers only and I will respond ASAP (usually within 5-10 minutes depending on what timezone you're in)
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I'll sell you the sub zero suit
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.