✠Mad Max✠
Selling this nice Clean, 1 of 5 Phosphorous Veil

1 is currently being sold on Marketplace.tf <= Duped
1 is currently being sold on Backpack.tf <= Clean, wants 200 keys
2 are currently being sold on Tf2Outpost <= Mine is clean, other one on Outpost is duped

Nice effect on an retired misc

Price: 145 Keys, not interested in anything else!

Reason im selling it, i got a tripple combo on sniper ( marauder , veil , yellowbelt ) but using my cauldron veil for this :)

Send me trade offer, dont add me
TRADE URL: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=45018957&token=oWrJYuTb
zoomma s>5 unu
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can you add any for a clean cloudy moon modest?
✠Mad Max✠
i wouldnt do 1:1 sry
✠Mad Max✠
besides dat also only interested in keys so yea
zoomma s>5 unu
alrighty good luck selling friend
✠Mad Max✠
cheers , same to you lad
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