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Before you start screaming , leaving bad comments and so on , I will tell you why this item is special.

Well , this nostromo is a craft #118 , which yes doesnt display next to item , BUT , its a primary weapon.
EYY Deejiin so what its a primary weapon?
Primary weapons are rarer that cosmetics in craft numbers , coz they are being crafted more times. For example we want to craft a nostromo (class token+slot token+scrap) and we want to craft the Killer Exclusive(3refs/2hats to craft). Chances of crafting the nostromo are way bigger than for KE because you know that from tokens you can get after your 4th or 5th try the nostromo but from crafting the 3refs you will probs get a hat different than KE. Which means primary weapons are much more in quantity than hats.
Hey , so what?
That my friend , according to this : there are 28945 crafted nostromos and mine was the 118th crafted after they came in. Which is kinda rare coz low-craft primary weapon.
So how much for it?
No idea , for sure not gonna sell this for 1-2ref. Looking for offers above 1key , which is pretty cheap. You can offer in items aswell.

Thank you for ur time , reading the interview between me and me haha , have a great day <3
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.