Selling various items in my shop on

For these items I only accept cash offers. If you want me to sell it on OPskins I take 30% overpay in cash extra.
This has multiple reasons:
1. Paypal has extra cashout fees on OPskins. Not on Marketplace.
2. Opskins takes longer to cashout. 3-5 days on OPskins meanwhile on marketplace it can vary from a couple of minutes till max a day. Also on OPskins you have to pay 5% extra to the cashout fee if you want it within an hour.
3. On OPskins you can only cash out in amounts of 5 dollars. Meanwhile on marketplace you can cash out as much as you want. Even if it's as low as 10 cents.


Check here all the items that I have for sale.

Selling painted miscs and crafthats here :
Witch Doctor Waka
Curious on how much you are looking for on Lil Bitey? Also has a 1$ minimum.
Marketplace doesn't have a 1 dollar minimum, I have often requested payouts for much less than that. I just requested one for 8 cents just to check if they changed it, which they didn't. And I take offers on lil bitey, ofcourse only in actual money.
24 keys?
24 keys is incredibly low for an item worth over 80. I am sorry.
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whats your real b/o for the bitey?
I want people to offer on it.
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