To exist or not to exist
After 17th March, unless sold, will not be on the market. It will not be advertised on any trading site, server or trading conversation. The only way I'd let it go after 17th of March will be 750 pure because then I can afford a car xd. THIS IS THE LAST CHANCE TO GET THIS BEAUTY!!

My own god damn signature hat
As clean as my head
1 of 1
Engineer is bald and a god
Perfectly fitting effect for a bald head (I talk from experience)
It's just too god damn perfect

If I were to sell this it would be a lunatic price. So I am open for offers, but after last time I "sold" this it's gonna be hard to get this off my hands.
With that said if someone is crazy like me, feel free to give me an offer. I'll look into it, but it has to be very special for me to accept
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I feel like tossing an obligatory offer on this beaut. C. Hearts Plumbers Cap, DBD Mohawk, P. Fetti Neckwear + 100 Keys in craft hets. Although I feel I dont deserve this hat due to my lack of lack of hair :c
GL on the trade nonetheless mate ^^
Yeah sorry dude, love the hats, but I'd need way more, thanks for the offer thou <3
Seen you advertise and no offers had to dirty your post. And if i ever start losing my hair ill come back with pure xD
That's a shiny head.
Shiny alright, but not that bright xd
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.