• Completed

Mega Strike Victory Lap - My price 28 Keys ( price 'updated' 39 Keys)
Holy Grail Strange Burstchester - My price 40 Keys
Holy Grail Boston Breakdance - My price 10 Keys ( price 'updated' 13.5 Keys)
Infernal Flames Russian Arms Race - My price 15 Keys
Showstopper Scotsmann's Stagger - My price 25 Keys
Fountain of Delight Skullcracker - My price 40 Keys ( price 'updated' 50 Keys)
Silver Cyclone Runner's Rhythm - My Price 8 Keys

I respond faster to trade offers!
Don't add me unless you commented!
Thanks and happy trading!!!
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pork chop
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Would you take a 72 Victory Lap for the Mega Strike one?
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.