Delicious Cashew is impersonated
Taking offers on these unusuals

Pure Prices (more in unusuals):

Cool Specialized Killstreak Anodized Aloha Iron Bomber (Battle Scarred) - 30 keys
Starstorm Slumber Kiss King - 29 keys
Infernal Smoke Taunt: Skullcracker - 27 keys
Memory Leak Greased Lightning - 27 keys

Miami Nights Full Metal Drill Hat - 26 keys
Haunted Ghosts German Gonzila - 24 keys
Circling Peace Sign Noble Amassment of Hats - 20 keys
Spectral Swirl Taunt: Bad Pipes - 14 keys

Not interested in most halloween, EOTL, or robo effects
Are you still selling the Iron Bomber?
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elkin el pro
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