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!! PAY ATTENTION !! I have many impersonators out there, don't trust them..

Looking for a "CLEAN" Strange Golden Frying Pan

▪️ Strange Massed Flies Killer Exclusive "All-Class" (52 Keys) https://backpack.tf/item/5035633653
▪️ Vivid Plasma Baron von Havenaplane "Medic" (40 Keys) https://backpack.tf/item/3713118788
▪️ Green Energy Aviator Assassin "Spy" (60 Keys) https://backpack.tf/item/1653951209
▪️ Green Energy Copper's Hard Top "Heavy" (22 Keys) https://backpack.tf/item/385752997
▪️ Anti-Freeze Détective Noir "Spy" (75 Keys) https://backpack.tf/item/1653951209
▪️ Anti-Freeze Caribbean Conqueror "Soldier" (75 Keys) https://backpack.tf/item/3040906051
▪️ Electrostatic Salty Dog "All-Class" (70 Keys) https://backpack.tf/item/1650214267
▪️ Memory Leak Larrikin Robin "Sniper" (40 Keys) https://backpack.tf/item/1701096543
▪️ Green Energy Larrikin Robin "Sniper" (50 Keys) [2 rare spells] https://backpack.tf/item/298137887
▪️ Purple Energy Birdcage "Pyro" (42 Keys) https://backpack.tf/item/935248151
▪️ Purple Energy Copper's Hard Top "Heavy" (34 Keys) https://backpack.tf/item/696657756
▪️ Haunted Ghosts Physician's Protector "Medic" (35 Keys) https://backpack.tf/item/4132295600
▪️ Green Confetti Tyrantium Helmet "Soldier" (20 Keys) https://backpack.tf/item/2491315581
▪️ Orbiting Planets Caribbean Conqueror "Soldier" (13 Keys) https://backpack.tf/item/2130552341
▪️ Green Confetti Coupe D'isaster "Heavy" (10 Keys) https://backpack.tf/item/744544210
▪️ Midnight Whirlwind Taunt: Pool Party "Pyro" https://backpack.tf/item/3341548980
▪️ Midnight Whirlwind Taunt: Skullcracker "All-Class" (15 Keys) https://backpack.tf/item/6388413278
▪️ Midnight Whirlwind Taunt: Rock, Paper, Scissors "All-Class" (21 Keys) https://backpack.tf/item/5787682634
▪️ Haunted Phantasm Taunt: Party Trick "Pyro" (24 Keys) https://backpack.tf/item/4317834405
▪️ Mega Strike Taunt: Most Wanted "Medic" (10 Keys) https://backpack.tf/item/4783033139
▪️ Specialized Killstreak Max's Severed Head {Clean, Specialized, 2 retired spells, it's rare} "All-Class" (70+ Keys) https://backpack.tf/item/75048745
▪️ plus +430 Keys pure

Total: 1100+ Keys

If you can't find the items in my inventory, they are probably at Marketplace.tf.. So pm me and i will remove them for Trade..!!
💲💰💲 My Marketplace.tf Shop: https://mar..._death 💲💰💲
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Atomic Wheeze
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holy crap that's the like $10,000 hat
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.