Soju (new phone can't trade)

GLITCHED Chicken Kiev (they are not paintable) - 19 Keys or $40
Collector's Specialized Killstreak Crusader's Crossbow 11 Keys
Soviet Strongarm 1 Key + 39 Ref OR 2 Keys
Headcase 32 Ref OR 1 Key
Second Rate Sorcery 1 Key + 25 Ref
Scotsmans Stagger 39 Ref OR 1 Key + 5 Ref
Runners Rhythm 1 Key + 16 ref
Strange Killstreak Loch n Load 16 Ref

Trade Offer Link:
Item overpay accepted, but if you offer hard to sell stuff like skins obviously I'm gonna decline.
no the paints not visible on the kiev because the item isnt paintable. i don't mind never selling it cause it's a RARE glitched version of the best, most in-demand meme hat in the game.
will ONLY sell for real $ on
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.