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mmm peanuts
All are CLEAN and non-Duped

Green Black Hole Slope Scopers: 90 Keys (1 of 4)
STRANGE Atomic Universal Translator: 50 Keys.
Stormy Bonk Boy: 14 Keys
Fountain of Delight Kazotsky Kick: Make offer. Will consider any offer (as long as its not obscenely low). Pure preferred, but will consider all offers
NOT INTERESTED IN PURCHASING TAUNTS. (Unless it is an absolutely obscene overpay with updated prices)

Also have ~ 22 Pure for purchasing quick sell Unusuals. Show me what you got!

Feel free to shoot me offers. Add me only if intending to offer Unusual Overpay or Pure.
Shadow Chevy
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53 pure for the Kazotsky Kick ?
I'm interested in the fountain of delight kazotsky, my first offer is a mixed one - with a strange, professional ks, factory new dressed to kill shotgun, and then I'd fill up with keys to where the keys make up at least 50% of the offer. Would that be a deal you'd be interested in?
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.