This trade was closed by Morphine at 21:40:26 on March 2nd, 2018 with the following reason:
No fake current offers. Please ensure that you provide evidence for all offers listed in your trade notes that do not originate from that trade itself. We do not want to have to scour your countless past trades or other websites to find this information — it should be readily available to us. Failing to provide proof of offers is deemed a serious offence, and in addition to a permanent ban on our site you will receive a scammer tag on SteamRep.
please complain about me
A few excess items from my personal collection. If there is another seller of these hats, please consult them first.

There are no buyouts, so please do not ask for one.
Please no junk items (includes all taunts). You're welcome to waste my time for all of my other stuff, but not these.
If you wish to make an offer, please ensure it is of the highest quality.

Kind regards,

Past offers:
Dusk Brotherhood of arms (210) for antlers + marauder (270) - Hmmmmmmmm
1 antler and 1 marauder for a D@D BOA?
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.