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Gon Freecss
*The item is on* - Click here : https://mar...;5;u19
If interested - ADD ME TO NEGOTIATE :)
b/o - 20 keys
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Hey pal. Well, there is lots of sellers asking 15 keys on this, so i hope you can be reasonable on this one.
I would like to offer you my Infernal Smoke Trick, clean ofc:
And i hope i could get ~10 keys on top. We can negotiate that part, if you interesting.
And i'd like to know if Bomber is duped. Feel free to add me, if you want to talk. Waiting for reply anyway. Have a good one.
Gon Freecss
Its clean
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Well, i still would like to see history. So, what would you say about my offer then? I'll take it, if its clean and if you are fine to add 10 keys on top. As i said, we can negotiate about last part.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.