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Looking for Keys, or Unusual Offers

- 1 of 1 Roboactive Neckware Headware ----- 250 Keys Pure, 275+ in Offers
-Phosphorus Pyro's Boron Beanie ----- 25 Keys Pure, 30+ in Offers

Odds are I will NOT accept any Unpriced Unusuals, but feel free to offer them

If you're Offering Unusuals you Must Overpay

I am willing to accept cash offers as long as we go through

My Keys are Reserved for QUICKSELLS ONLY, if you offer me something where i would need to add to my unusual, i can add the rest in other unusuals, aussies or items

Hide = Nty
Unusual Bob
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Hey I added you on Steam to negociate the price of one Unusual: Bubbling Mann of Reason.
Mr. Sam
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'72 Proletriat Posedown + Box Trot + Grey Painted Dictator for the Bucking Bronco.
Yo, would you consider 7 keys for the Bucking Bronco?
PE tsarbooth for beanie
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.