Bridal Ninian
★Selling a Discounted God Tier Hat + Effect★
★★★ Frostbite Headsplitter: 160 keys (17.5 Keys off) ★★★

★ Clean:
★ Allclass!
★God Tier Hat + Effect!
★1/1 on Market
★ Goes great with max heads and unusual miscs, and has an effect that pairs well too!
★ Has that early supporter tag that some people appear to care about

Prioritizing List
--Looking for 160 Keys! - Overpay Downgrades > Mixed & or Unusual Offers > CSGO Offers--

(Copied Previous Seller (Foamy's) Listing)

Add me or Send a Trade Offer! (Don't feel afraid to offer, worst I can do is decline)
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