Winter [⇄]️ Buying Backpacks
Buying unusual quicksells!

I'm also intresting in unpriced unusuals !
At least 25-40% off, depends on the unusual !

⚡I will try my best to pay more then other quickbuyers⚡
✔️Non-duped please

TF2 keys: 47
Any other game keys: none, but TF2 keys can be easily traded for any other game's keys, I will always help with this if you need.

Add me, send trade offer or list ur offer here !

Bookmark this trade for later use ! Thanks !

My trade offer link:
My backpack:
Malphis /
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Nuts n' Bolts Strontium Stove Pipe can u do 9 keys?
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Circling TF Logo Brass Bucket (Clean) Can u do 20 keys ?
sry, not intrested in this unusual. also, it isn't qs price, there are seller for 22
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I can go lower like 18,4 keys.
Finally no I won't sell my unusual for that price. Sorry
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