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Ghastly Ghosts Jr. Pom-Pommed Provocateur.
-Old Halloween effect!
-One of Two in Existence
-Great endgame hat for cheap!

This hat is 1:2 in existence, but the other one has been in a Collector's backpack for over two years now, and it's unlikely to be traded any time soon. As such, it's essentially one of one.

Open to offers. Key B/O: 45. Would also consider 1:1 or similar offers that include a Frenchman's Beret with a high tier effect, preferably older Halloween ones.

Past offers...
-Terror-Watt Frickin' Sweet Ninja Hood (34) + Roughly 1 Key in Sweets = 35 (Low)
-Circling Heart Antarctic Eyewear (Unpriced new hat, too risky in my opinion, sellers at 40-50 though)
-Spellbound Katyusha if I add (Didn't have near enough add potential for it, nice hat though)
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