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SpongeKiller Sells 63 Unusuals
Green Energy Sky High Fly Guy : SOLD
Vivid Plasma Sky High Fly Guy : 20 Keys Pure or 28+ in Unusual Overpay
Aces High Tipped Lid : 39 Keys Pure or 46+ in Unusual Overpay
Steaming Bear Necessities : 16 Keys Pure or 20+ in Unusual Overpay
Kill-a-Watt Capo's Capper : 18 Keys Pure or 23+ in Unusual Overpay
Miami Nights Buckaroos Hat : SOLD
Memory Leak Heavy Duty Rag : SOLD
Stormy Storm Defiant Spartan : 15 Keys and Clean! 21+ in Unusual Overpay

Not Interested in Unusual Robo Hats or Taunt overpay unless MAJOR overpay [Over 75% Overpay].

Trade Link :
Julinho da Van
Are u interested in a Blizzardy Storm Sober Stuntman for your Memory Leak Heavy Duty Rag?
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.