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Christmas Ham
Looking 23 pure, 25% more in items

1 of 3, only one selling, priced 3 years ago. One is in a dead backpack and the other is in a Russian backpack, not selling and not even sure they are active. If you want it, I am your guy. Willing to negotiate

Add me or send offer:

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you want 30 keys for a unusual worth max 19 keys. 21 at
haha funny.
Christmas Ham
Christmas Ham
3 exists, no other sellers, price set 3 years ago, sulphurous unpriced. Sorry I am not selling in your range buddy, but I'm sure there are other hats out there for you. Yoi really shouldn't act so smug, doesn't make you look good in any way. Also LOL at 19 max, not sure where that came.
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Still doesnt make it worth any more? cuz it wont be able to sell it for profit. you been having it for 1 day.
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Doesnt make it worth 30 keys. You been having it for 1 day. so why sell it so fast again? Do you mind me asking how much you gave for it?
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.