Why do you have your name in the history multiple times on them?
Because I have moved them back and forth from my alt accounts, which are private inventories.
So that I could post them on here.
Interested in a Painted White Blizzard Storm Regulator ? Im looking for diarys
No but thx
Painted White Blizzard Storm Regulator (3-4 value)+ White bill + 50 keys for 4 diarys
no thx
how much r u looking for it ? also how many can i get with my last offer ?
Looking for at LEAST 3 PURE buds a piece. Overpay in items. So you would be needing to add some to get 2 out of this offer.
3 each wow dude thanks for the heads up ! lol never going to happen for u at that price but i wish u the best of luck
we will see. If not, I just end up with 5 diaries.
Unusual Picklehaude Steaming which is ~2 buds for a Diary?
no thx
Peace medics mirror or bubbling blokes for one diary.
Unusual coupe with smoking for diary
Bubbling Desert Marauder for one diary
mind if i add you just to buy keys later?
here is the thread for the keys. just bookmark it: http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/3263626
#42 little buddy + #42 outdoorsman for 1 diary
3 for beams WW
no thx
how many can i get with a blizzardy hustlers hallmark?