What happened to to the others? D:
Gone, gone gone. ):
Everyone is lowballing the hell out of that yellow belt. Its worth 2 buds (AT LEAST) and its themed. Don't let these noob lowballers get to you.
Somebody that finally knows prices.
bubbling shanter for chapeau
Bubbling Big Chief for Yellowbelt ! :3
please pricecheck your hat before you offer. You would have to add 1.5. Coming from a belt owner.
yea , yea i did sorry... but why is this hat so muc hworth ? Oo
its worth so much because its themed. Nothing under 2 buds should even be considered. It's the radical hippie theme.
were is it themed D: ?
Damn, the tyro is gone. :p
Yeah :c
How much u lf for the charmer
2 buds
I'm offering 1 bud for the brigade helm, could add some sweets.
Look at other offers please.
Steaming tavish degroot experience for Hustler
Would you like a Genuine Balloonicorn for the brigade helm?
my tf2 logo cos nostra for tf2 logohustles hallmark
one bud for ya charmers
Post above me^
#1427 Soldier medal, Clean Boston Boom-Bringer, Genuine Scrap pack, dirty dr. whoa, 3 cheap paints, 1 key, 4 ref and a strange part soldiers killed for brigade
A Blizz frenchman's beret for the chapeau?
a bud for the bridage?
what's your highest c/o on the hallmark? I'm interested
1.88 buds. Sexy HWNN, btw :)
thanks :)
go ahead and hide this if you want to i'll just bookmark the page
When are you going to offer? Just wonderin'
I honestly don't know, just putting this on the list of hats that i want
Mmk. Thanks for showing interest :)
http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/3765013 1:1 with any, can add sweets
steaming cosa nostra for the charmer's
Birdcage (bubbling) (pink) + sweets for brigade
1 bud 8 keys for the brigade.
Damn nice Charmers, it's not the 2 bud's you're looking for but I could offer 1 bud, 1 VoT bills and 4 keys, of course it's up for discussion if that isn't satisfactory
Sorry. Only want 2 buds.
Alright, good luck selling.
a searing plasma pyro's benie + 4 keys and 1 ref for the charmer's
1 bud for the yellow belt
b/o for the 3 left?
1 bud + v bills + bubbles stalhelm? or a purple energy conjurers cowl?
Dr's dapper topper with logos for the chapeau?
logo meriweather for dixie? i can add sweets
I have a dixie? o-o
oh shit im a retard sorry, in thought te hustlers was dixie. noob move lol
It's fine ;)
smoking nano for the chapeau
lvl 66 smoking hound dog for hallmark
Flies Chieftain's for belt!
borderlands 2 for hallmark?
Stormy Crown for the Hallmark.
Eureka effect craft #2
What will you trade?
I actually have no idea :c
Hmm. Maybe a Charmers Chapeau, and maybe the hustlers hallmark. Lowest Eureka effect craft # on the market.
1.5ish buds for yellow master?
i basicly mean a big kill and a bud
No thanks. I'm looking for more.
23 keys for belt
Cool Charmers, i also own one so i hate all these lowball you are getting ;)
1,5 for charmer.
A bud and bills is 1.33
yellow belt for crocleather same effect and possible sweets
n&b capo's capper ?
1 bud 10 keys on the charmer?
searing plasma berliners bucket helm for the hallmark? http://i.i...Hi.jpg
Steaming GLengarry Bonnet for Charmers
Green Energy Hetman's Headpiece for charmer's but u need to add some sweet
Steaming CC for pyro on the charmers?
connoisseur's cap
Smoking Chieftain's challenge + bills for the hallmark.
No thanks
+ 2 bills?
How bout a bud :O
Blizzard raincatcher for the hallmark
bud+lime bills on hellmark
Smoking Conjurer's cowl + 5 keys for hallmark?
An unpainted Yellow Master's Belt + 2.66 ref for your Yellow masters belt :)
il give my unusual fancy fedora stormy storm which is priced at 3 buds for both of the unusual mater yellow and charmer's?
Bud + 2bills for charmer
2 buds
hotrod stormy storm
steaming lid for the charmer?
bubbling fruit shoot + sweets for belt.
green energy ketche for charmer?
Fez peace for charmer
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We run ads to help cover the costs of running TF2 Outpost! Don't let us down!