Oh man!
This trade was closed, but the reason is unknown.
*New rules*
•You must have at least 100+ hours before you trade with me.
•You must leave a comment on my profile or here before you add me or else I will not accept your friend request.
ill buy you 15 keys
Sorry for the late reply, added you if you still need it.
February 1, 2013.

Key prices have gone up by $0.02.
Refined prices have gone down by $0.01.

Reason for this is because demand for metal is very low, no one will buy them. Keys are very high in demand and people are buying them more than what I sell them for, and whenever I'm in stock I sell out almost immediately.
how much will it cost me if i buy 75 keys
89th bookmark, I can't wait till I get PayPal for that metal
Sounds good, how much metal do you have in mind of buying?
I intend on buying about $10 worth of metal about. All I've got to do is wait for my first debit card to be set up...eventually... So yeah.
How Much for 50 keys
Same price as always if you buy 15+(50 • $1.27 = 63.5). I'll contact you when if I ever get 50 keys.

I have decided to bring to the keys back to there original price($1.25). I want to provide the best prices for my customers.

Please let me know when you restock as I have an order of 100+ to place at the moment.
Ok will do.
thank u very much.
I'd like to buy something around 50 when you get restocked.
added to discuss :)
Discuss about the price? If so, I'm not discussing. My prices are firm.
your prices are awesome :P. I want 42 keys if you have stock :). I will probably buy more times from you, that VIP price is amazing :)
oh, just read that you do not have stock right now. Well, can you reserve me 42? :)
Sure, will do.
when will you restock, btw? :)
I don't know, but hopefully soon. It's really hard to get keys nowadays.
Let me know if you get keys.
Added to buy all 32 of your refined :)

(if possible, I have $13.33 in my paypal, hopefully it will cover the fees too)
37.82 $ - 30 keys
Hey. I want to buy 50 keys (62.5 USD) from you. Add to discuss.
Added, I'll buy 15+ keys from you!! :D
I'd like to buy 52 keys from you. Saxton Hale! :)
When you get 16 keys in stock, add me. I'll pay $20. I have notable rep on my steam profile, will go first, have over 1200 hours on my profile, and just need a few extra keys for my #115 collection :P