This trade was closed, but the reason is unknown.
Exostomp™ |
Strange bottle=2 rec
Strange Minigun=3 keys
Teddy Roosevelt=3 ref
Bills=8 keys
Craft 53 waxy wayfinder=bills plus 2 keys or recumended 10 keys
Hazmat headcase=2 ref
Big elfin deal=2 ref
Genuine dead cone=2 craft hats or 2 ref
h u n c h o
Ok Clean Tc (6.33) + 3 keys + backpack expander (or i'll sell it for keys then i'll add 3 keys) for unpainted bill's add me to disguss *btw can do it in friday cause i bought bp expander via steam it will be tradable in friday.
dang mang
A Clean Last Breath, a Genuine AWPer Hand, a Key? (When tradable)
dang mang
nah but thanx
How about a barely melted capacitor + a rec for it?
The minigun, that is.
sold it, sry...
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.