Dota 2 = 18 Keys or 1 Earbuds
Tropico Trilogy = 4 Keys or 10 refined
Coupons = Offer

Add me if interested: http://steamcommunity.com/id/youcanhas
Oblivion game of the year edition plus terreria
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I'm assuming you want Dota 2. If so, then no thank you.
Why not i can add key and a ref.
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You're offer is 10 keys at most. I'm looking for 1 Earbuds or 18 keys.
Yeah good luck with that, it's around a Bill's Hat now.
Yeah plus i dont want it now most of the forums say it will be F2P
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Maybe, but you'll have to wait 6 months to play it. What you're paying for is to play the game now, instead of 6 months from now.
Yeah but like this im wasting $29 + and if i wait (and play league of legends) i can play it in six months :3
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That's your choice. Many people would rather play it now.
^^ but when its comes out they will relise that they made a mistake :D
deus ex game for 50% off valve
A $25 dollar game for Dota 2?
r.u.s.e and frozen synapse for dota 2
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10 keys for dota
7 keys dota2
bill's hat painted waterlogged lab coat for dota 2
Any Steam Game of your choice up to $40
For Dota

Add me or reply if interested
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I am new to game trading. Is there a way for you to buy me a game so that I can still trade it? I would like to take your offer, but only if I can get tradable games.
Beast Master
Just an FYI, when you receive a "steam" item in trade it is by default giftable. If you want to use it yourself you need to manually "unpack" it.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.