Oblivion game of the year edition plus terreria
Why not i can add key and a ref.
Yeah good luck with that, it's around a Bill's Hat now.
Yeah plus i dont want it now most of the forums say it will be F2P
Yeah but like this im wasting $29 + and if i wait (and play league of legends) i can play it in six months :3
^^ but when its comes out they will relise that they made a mistake :D
deus ex game for 50% off valve
A $25 dollar game for Dota 2?
r.u.s.e and frozen synapse for dota 2
7 keys dota2
bill's hat painted waterlogged lab coat for dota 2
Any Steam Game of your choice up to $40
For Dota

Add me or reply if interested
Just an FYI, when you receive a "steam" item in trade it is by default giftable. If you want to use it yourself you need to manually "unpack" it.