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Taking Offers on ALL the Games above
p.s it WAS on sale NOW it isnt (just something to keep in mind)
p.p.s also consider a key is priced at $1.3 NOT $2.49 ..
B/O(Dragon Age): 12 Keys
B/O(Sanctum): 6 Keys
B/O(Payday): 12 Keys
B/O(Bioshock 2): 13 Keys
B/O(DeadSpace 2): 1 Bud/27 Keys
B/O(DeadSpace Pack):Bud + Bills(34-35 Keys)
B/O(Serious Sam3 BFE): Bud/27 Keys

if you want to offer collectively on a group of games offer here or go to the trades below to offer on the games seperately (serious sam) (Payday and dragon age origins) (Bioshock 2,DeadSpace 2 and DeadSpace Pack) (Cash Purchases with a discount off store value PAYPAL only)
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.