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Ever thought of buying a game off steam store, and wanted it for cheaper than its current price!
Well I am selling all the games above for BELOW store price, PAYPAL only.
ALL the games above are being sold at a rate of 20% OFF the original store values.

Just a few rules and the prices will be given below too:-
1)YOU MUST have more SOPrep (at least a nice long rep thread) for me to go first. If not you will go first.
2)NO middlemen. They are more time consuming and i dont want to waste alot of time at a trade
3)My rep thread is linked on my steam profile as well as my steam rep link. MAKE SURE that it is my account by cross checking my steam rep.
4)ALL fees will be dealt with you.
5)IF more that 2 games are bought they can be discounted at 25%.
6)Finally your Paypal is preferred to be verified and when sending the amount as a gift, a note is to be written noting "This is a non-refundable payment for virtual goods purchased".

Prices(original prices in the brackets):-
-Dead Space Pack($49.98): $39.98(20%)/ $37.49(25%)
-Bioshock 2($19.99): $15.99(20%)/ $14.99(25%)
-PayDay The Heist($19.99): $15.99(20%)/ $14.99(25%)
-Dead Space 2($49.98): $15.99(20%)/ $14.99(25%)

ALSO the first person to purchase a game gets the portal 2 75% off voucher for free!!

**IF offering TF2 promos or items offer in the trades below:
--> (serious sam)
--> (Payday and dragon age origins)
--> (Bioshock 2,DeadSpace 2 and DeadSpace Pack)
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You can buy keys off of paypal and get them for less :P
well you can do that too and offer on my other ads but iv lost 3 guys who didnt want to pay in tf2 items as they havent purchased keys via paypal and payed full price for the game instead so this trade is up for them
I...didn't relly understand that.
as in a few folks havent purchased their keys off paypal and really need the game, so instead the found it cheaper to jus pay the amount, so i opened a trade for folks who'd like to pay cash and that too lower than store prices.
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Isn't dead space 2 20 bucks normally? I think you should recheck some of your prices.
nope its 49.89 or in my region, weirdly at the same price of dead space pack
Huh, that is very strange.
im getting a mate in US to check it up
yep its 20 in US my region its 40 :p
well i guess ill change it
there :p
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.