• Completed
Selling this amazing new Gold Bot Killer StickyBomb Launcher i just bought.
Taking paypal offers on it too. (The stovepipe is a placeholder but can also be offered on)
Paypal rules:
1)YOU MUST have more SOPrep (at least a nice long rep thread) for me to go first. If not you will go first.
2)NO middlemen. They are more time consuming and i dont want to waste alot of time at a trade
3)My rep thread is linked on my steam profile as well as my steam rep link. MAKE SURE that it is my account by cross checking my steam rep.
4)ALL fees will be dealt with you.
5)Finally your Paypal is preferred to be verified and when sending the amount as a gift, a note is to be written noting "This is a non-refundable payment for virtual goods purchased".

Games below store price for paypal --->

Just some stats on the current KNOWN values:
--> http://sta...uncher (24 Gold Botk Stickies)
--> http://sta...tergun (29 Gold Botk Scatterguns)
--> http://sta...hrower (31 Gold Botk Flamethrowers)
--> http://sta...inigun (33 Gold Botk Miniguns)
--> http://sta..._Knife (34 Gold Botk Knives)
--> http://sta..._Rifle (34 Gold Botk Sniper Rifles)
--> http://sta...Wrench (34 Gold Botk Wrenches)
--> http://sta...di_Gun (34 Gold Botk Medi-guns)
--> http://sta...uncher (37 Gold Botk Rocket-Launchers)

So just gonna take offers of all kinds, so offer below and please avoid adding me all discussions can be held over here.
B/O: 2 Buds

--> s.botkiller sticky, s.botkiller flame & s.botkiller RL (Jagbama)
--> g.botkiller minigun (ivanhoe)
--> s botkiller flame, s botkiller knife and lime balloonie (ATK_kenny wuu)
--> s botkiller flame, s botkiller mini, s botkiller scatter and s botkiller sticky (madman)[retracted]
--> NnB reggae --> wery
N&B's reggae
sup wery :p and is that for the sticky?
i guess but my friend would kill me if he knew i offered on one
haha xD anyways added to c/o's :3
how muhc is the stove pipr worth?
3.5 ish
may i could offer the unusual+G balloonicorn just to see if i get a C/O on it
well you can offer on the unusuals trade this ones only for paypal for the unusual
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.