Oh man!
This trade was closed by Pretender at 07:46:59 on September 26th, 2012 with the following reason:
Sell you genuine sharp dresser for 5 keys.
no thanks, 4keys1ref its yours
sounds good
actually. nvm
10 keys set genuine spy assasin´s creed
i need metal fast so ill sell u the machina
I got the sun on a stick for ya
sharp dresser 5 keys price is firm
mine is too
seeya -_-
deus specs - 2 keys+1 ref
why not?
selling G.sharp dresser 5 keys and 2 refs
Ill go 4 keys and 1.66 ref on the sharp dresser, or message me with a different offer
I cant do that, and its worth five keys
how about 4keys+sweets, i may add metal, add me to discuss?
Im selling G.machine
add me
i offer vintage bonnie hat lvl 100 for 2 fall keys or 3keys
what does this have to do with my genuine trade post? still, i would buy it but not for 3keys
3 keys for gen specs
Added for dresser :)
awper hand for 4 keys?
Added for Dresser
hey can i buy your purity fist?

i will give you a genuine AWPer hand for it
no thanks