Oh man!
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Interested in soy-cicle #379092?
How much u can give me for it?
why on earth would i want that?
level 48 ,craft #69496 wanga and mabey a few others in my sets as i progress,im letting you know this cause im collecting 10 sets of levels 1-100 and wangas is one that i get a lot of craft # for..anyways..

my offer is this my good sir.replace the levels *example that level 48 wanga with craft #y ou want, from the sets you wanna take from that you need for free =)

i will try and keep an eye out for more on my quest to be first known to have 10 sets of levels 1-100

have a good day and add me if you want.i like helping other collectors like me =)
you are very sad
how so?
paladromic number? wtf!!!
what's wrong with me collecting something i find interesting?
what's more, what the fuck do you care what i chose to spend money on?
coz you are a fool an idiot and of all thing to pick why the fuck is it pladromic number!!
again, why do you care so much about what i find interesting?
dumb bimbos like dumb stuff. ie pladromic numbers. they arnt even low craft
you STILL haven't said why you give a shit about what i am interested in
well i have. See, clasic bimbo. Go fuck your self
all you have done is call me names and say what i cllect is stupid
yes i have. Well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Would you like a treat?
yes please, trade me
hahaha lol!!!!!!! Would you like chocolate or scrap? Bimbo
chocolate, trade me chocolate
ok chocolate it is. Knowing you you will be lactosintolarent and still want some but ohwell
wait, does it have a palindrome craft number?
hahaha no but dont worry is is as worthless
also, how did you know i am lactosintolerant? have you been following me?
Wow, this Smokin Joe guy seems like a typical asshole.
I gave him the same ammount of respect he gave me.
Hi Newark I have 2 Palindromic Hats if you are interested. #8338 Bearded Bombraider by me and #13431 Pineapple by creator of TF2R (I'm the second owner) If you are interested give me an add or we could discuss here :3
Hey i have a #28282 freedom staff?
i already have a freedom staff
okee dokeee
Tell me when you get #69696 :3, good luck with your collection mate.
I have a #21112 point and shoot, offer ?
Ah crap, misread. Youre looking for weapons. Do you happen to know the guy that buys the Hats/Miscs ?
no, i don't, sorry
I have a palindromic craft
But it has 4 digits :l
Would you still want it (objector #9669)
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Interested in a #10201 Craft Bat outta hell ? (Sadly it's untradable :(
Hi! Got a #58158 AWPer Hand. Interested ? c:
I love collectors like you! keep up the good work, if I get any weapon with a craft number like those, I'm willing to donate it.
Are you interested in a Kringle Collection? Got one that's craft 23132
I want ur prick for 2 scrap
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I have a palindrome hat, I read you're not really interested in it and that you're not interested in items with less than 5 digit, but do you know another collector that could find interesting a #808 Air Raider and buy it for a pricenot too low?
i have a craft number 12321 double cross-comm, it has die job and color 216, people have told me it could go up to 4 keys but i would lower it down if you didn't want to do that much
how many you give for a hot dogger #27572?
Hello. I have atomic accolade level 100 #12321. I price it at 3 keys. Can I add you to discuss?
#19291 head warmer? also leveled 100
#19891 Gentleman's Ushanka if you're interested.
I'll take a ref for it and that's it because I appreciate collectors. =)
Hey, sorry about not responding, i just noticed your offer. If you're still offering that i'd happily take it.
How much can u give for #73137 Family Business?
How much for Eureka Effect #82128?
i could offer .33 ref
Sounds good! I added you already :)
I'm ready to trade whenever you are
would a lvl 100 #25825 catch your eye?
The level 100 aspect does not, and what is it?
kringle, just asking if you were interested.. cool craft 25825.. but not 25852 < only interested in those crafts then?
Yeah, i'll pass on it. thanks though.
np thank you and ill let you know if i come across any :) Best of luck with this collection
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Interesting in a #12121 freedom staff?
*Interested .__.
Sorry, but would you be interested in 6-digit palindromic? It's a #205502 Short Circuit. I've noticed you had a 6-digit palindromic Big Earner, so I was just curious.
May I interest you in Cotton Head with palindromic number #4774 (I know, not 5 digits, but it has 2 numbers) which also has a palindromic level 55? I think chances of both are slim, if you're interested, feel free to contact me.
I appreciate the thought but that's not something i'm interested in.
are you interested in a #37273 Conscientious Objector? if so, add me to talk
I dunno if you're a fan of Gabe Newell but I've got Gabe Glasses #13131. Feel free to shoot me an offer. Don't worry about offending me, just make an offer of whatever you'd feel comfortable paying for the glasses based on how much, or how little you want them.
Would you happen to be interested in a Fortified Compound #51715? If so, what would be your offer for it?