I am looking for clean, non-gifted Vintages to complete my collection.
I am NOT paying your B/O....I can get them cheaper in the warehouse before I did that.
Levels and colors dont matter to me and I wont pay a premium for them.

I am also looking for these hats as well, as VINTAGES only.

Leave your offers here and I will go for the cheapest prices I see.

Vintage Magistrate's Mullet
Vintage Vintage Tyrolean
Big Boss
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We got a badass over here
If by badass you mean, because I want to complete my V hat collection at the lowest price I be it then.
[RU] Ivan
Selling V.Bonnet for 1 key+1reclaimed.
I see you have a V Hound dog too....want to sell that as well and we can do them both at once?
[RU] Ivan
I sell v.hound in a set only)
Ok, thank you just the same though and good luck with your trades =)
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.