Selling these items for nicely painted bills or strange sapper or a LOW CRAFT Doublecross comm.
Also have another craft hat, 2x s Rocket Launchers and few other sweets i might add for a better offer.
ALSO if you wanna buy seperately, the price list is below:-
--> Fast Learner(After8): 3 Keys 1 Ref
--> Silver Botkiller Knife(lvl5): 2 Keys 1.33 Ref
--> S Rocket Launcher: 1.44 Ref EACH (x3)
--> S Stickybomb Launcher: 1.44 Ref
--> S part Domination: 1 Key
--> Captains Cocktails: 1.44 Ref
--> Tavish De Groot: 1.88 Ref
--> Ye Olde Rustic Paint: 1 Ref
--> S Quickfix: 1 Ref
--> S Shortstop: 2 Rec
--> S Persian Persuader: 1 Rec
--> S Detonator: 1 Rec EACH (x2)
--> MvM Ticket: 1.66 Ref

IF you would like to do a deal for a bunch of items in the equiv price range as the ones mentioned in the boxes above, i can hear out your offer.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.