Selling the items above for capacitors ONLY
For 1 Capacitor you can get:
--> 2 out of the following: S RL, S Sticky, Ye Olde Rustic Paint, S Shortstop.
-->S Part Domination Kills
--> Ninja Cowl + 1 Rec
For 2 Capacitors you can get:
--> S Botkiller Knife
--> Ornament Armament
For 3 Capacitors you get:
--> Dirty PAINTED Fast Learner(AFTER EIGHT)

p.s add me straight to do any of the above deals.
p.p.s you can try to do a counter negotiation for the items above and make up your own mix for 1 or more capacitors.
p.p.p.s more items will be added regularly.
p.p.p.p.s BM the trade to keep an eye on all the items that come and go
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hahah good luck
you should check my bp before saying that .. i didnt get 9 caps from nowhere and also reported for spam mate. G'day
also your a dick if you want spam i can get ya spam :D haha dont be such an ass i was wishing you good luck thats all man .. people these days are assholes try to wish em luck or help and all they do is be a bitch back ..
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looking at your rep im most probably certain by unneccesarily commenting you will get temp banned as the rules say.
please stop the spam now you do know continuous argument could possibly give a temp ban anyways i wont reply from here on the rest is left onto moderators to handle
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.