I have a clean level 19 soviet gentlemen
by clean i mean it has no craft number
Ooh, what are you looking for on it?
i got a lv 93 pocket purrer
ooh, neat. Add me and we'll discuss when I get back home.
lvl 93 pocket purrer what you will offer?
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I have a Level 93 Pyrotechnic Tote,how much are you willing to give for it?
Not interested in it, I think it looks ugly :L
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I have a level 93 Track Terrorizer!
:o What are you asking?
Can I add you to discuss?
Go ahead.
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I have a 93 medi mask
Ooh, sweet. I'll pay 2.33 ref.
I have Lvl 93 Stocking Stuffer
interested in?
I got a 93 marxman What is the offer?
Well he's trying to trade mine for me... BUT it is Level 93, Craft Number 1024, and Crafted by Teddy Roosebelt. Seriously you can't get a hat of this quality.
Err... are you interested Spyromancer?
I am. What can you add to it for my gen. Marxman?
How about a Level 15 Rouge's Col Roule, Craft #10132, and crafted by a Hobo of Ub3r proportions?
How about one of those demo beards?
Oh okay, that's fair enough. I'll trade / friend you when I return home tonight. Deal?
I've got a clean lvl 93 marxman that I'd like to trade for that #1024 craft (For my quirky craft# collection). Judging by the trade notes, I'm assuming that my dropped is preferable? Hopefully all three of us wind up happy.
To Jon: Sounds good. To Leonhard: we'll work something out. :)
Everybody ends up happy!
So jon, when do you get back?
Hey I have a bearded bombardier level 93, with a craft number. #42.
What are you asking? 99% sure I won't be interested :v
Alright, I was just curious, and thought you might be interested.