Oh man!
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Would you take eight keys instead of a bills? I am very interested in this deal.
How long would it take you about my offer of overpaying by 7 keys + 1 ref?
Sorry it should have been "take you *to think* about my offer". When will the rainblower hit the 8 keys price? I like to know all I can about my investments.
Wait, when will the rainblower skyrocket to price to be 8 keys?
You may want to tell the people over at backpack.tf, the price hasn't moved for at least two weeks now.
The price of strange rainblowers is blowing up and no one is noticing besides you. You need to educate them.
So you are playing the long game, make people pay later prices now. Why not sell it for .33 ref when it falls back down again. Why did you pick the high point?
So if you know they are going to be that price and you can wait until it reaches that price... why not just wait until it meets that price?
Ah, so you don't have the time. Now I have the upper hand.
I don't know, you did call me a fag. http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/4589324
That hurt my fag feelings.
Oh yeah, where can you buy another one at easily for 2 ref? I just sold mine for 4.66 and would like to know. Also congrats on your good deal but normally they cost 4-5 ref.
Still want to know where I can buy them for 2 ref. I will share the profit with you.\
Make sure you add me when the rainblower is worth 8 keys. I will be all over it.
You should buy his and then you can get two bills.
Actually I think I will do that. I will buy other cheaper rainblowers and then wait to make a profit. Sure that means I can't buy yours but we will both have bills soon enough.
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^ Bed Story :D !
well to give an example of this: ebenezer
even for this discussion, i have to bookmark. :D And Tomas... Price wont rise. :D since Pyromania the price is extremly fallen. :)
I agree it's going to rise, but I think it's still gonna be a year before it rises a bit. I mean it's stayed 1 key sense the end of Pyromania. It will rise but it's still got a long time until then. Like the S festive weapons had to wait.
I'm doing the same haha. Same with fall crates, stored a few on an alt. Wait a year or two and collectors will swarm.
Meh, keys I didn't go out of my way for.
Lol one strange rainblower got 1.33 ref
are you sure?
Gunth had a false reason to report you tomas. your selling at your price. no one might ever buy it but you have the right to sell at whatever you want
hes just low balling lol
sucks man but good luck sellin bro
nah im a level 4 collector man
I offer 2 ref and a crate.
I BELEIVE THAT THESE WOULD NOT VERY MUCH RISE SO MUCH, as this is not as rare as festive and the craze is just a one time issue, unlike christmas nor halloween that comes every year
dude. the price will never rise as high as that.. sorry to kill your dreams. in the next year. there will be another crate where u can get this weap. sorry the max u can get. is 3 keys. no more and its a bad weap. but good luck whit that. i guesse u are just trying to find someone stupid enoughf to make this trade. but no one, who got a bill is that stupid.
ya. close this nonsense trade.