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taking unusual offers but if u have a bud that u r offering dont be ashamed to ofer that too
14 keys
i want unusual offers, sry
Xx Cool Scout xX
i will give u flip flops painted
what color?
Xx Cool Scout xX
team coulo
Are they craftable?
Xx Cool Scout xX
nope but they are expensive dirty sawell
yeh 10-12 keys expensive lol no thanks
Xx Cool Scout xX
worth more than ur unusual 1-2 bills
my hat is .8 buds whitch is 24 keys or so witch is 3 bills or so
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the front page of my bp? Its tons of good hats well painted and worth over ur b/o :D
ill see
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well over your c/o's and its a no within 5 seconds -_-
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.