2 for machina?
2 pyro hats for the Purity fist?
V ? NV ? Genuine ?
NV. Or a Gen dead cone. :P I have more then just 2, so there will be a choice.
Any vintage hats ?
2.11 + 1 random weapon for the gen machina
I don't think I would consider selling them. I only have a V brainslug.
5 ref for G heros ?
4 ref for Tail
^ read up oen
2.6ref for machina
2 rec for widowmaker
2 ref. for machina
added =)
g.purity fist for 2 ref + 1 festive sniper + 1 ice knife
Would you be intrested in a Vintage Noble for any of this stuff?
Yes very
Then what would you offer? (I noticed you were intrested in Vintage hats, that's why I offered.)
Yeah i collect vintages and genuines , Hmm Cowl for it ?