Amputator - 2 Reclaimed
Southern Hospitality - 1 Refined
Fists - SOLD
Syringe Gun - SOLD
Sandman - SOLD
Half-Zatoichi - SOLD

That is PER ITEM.
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Ill take an amputator :)
The koRepOosh
I'll buy GRU ! add me
Heavy Petting Zoo
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I'll buy the sandman.
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I'll take the syringe gun if you get to me fast enough :3
DEAL :D Added you.
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i want to buy some of your stuff :) add me
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Ill take the sandman. Also, i offer 0.66 ref for the Southern
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I'll have the other Amputator for 0.55 ref
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I'll Buy that Syringe Gun off of you for a rec!
Sure, added!
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I'll buy the Zatoichi for a rec.
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added, ill do the amp
Bile JAR
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Can you add me please? I want to talk.
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I'll take a S.fists.
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can only admin add videos?
Moderators and admins, yep (As well as the owner, of course).
owners of the trade? how u add them?
Noo as well as the site owner haha!
oh lolol. ok thx
Jack Kirby
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Hello, i want to report a scammer(...)
Name: Ryanoceros-S>Menofwar/Silenthill(When i was scammed)


Ryanoceros-S>Menofwar/Silenthill: hi
Erqaw84: hii
Ryanoceros-S>Menofwar/Silenthill: would u trade your bills for silenthill homecoming
Erqaw84: :/
Erqaw84: naw
Erqaw84: sorry
Erqaw84: D:
Ryanoceros-S>Menofwar/Silenthill: or men of war assult squad?
Erqaw84: i ll do minecraft?
Erqaw84: :D
Ryanoceros-S>Menofwar/Silenthill: minecraft for a bills?
Erqaw84: 2 bills
Erqaw84: :3
Ryanoceros-S>Menofwar/Silenthill: how much is minecraft? i dont see it on steam
Erqaw84: u need to buy it from
Erqaw84: :P
Erqaw84: is
Erqaw84: 25 i think
Erqaw84: let me check
Ryanoceros-S>Menofwar/Silenthill: damn.. how would i trade u on steam
Erqaw84: u can send me a gift pass
Erqaw84: im trustable
Erqaw84: : )
Ryanoceros-S>Menofwar/Silenthill: thats not secure XD sorry ive been scammed b4
Erqaw84: :(
Erqaw84: mmm
Erqaw84: it isss
Erqaw84: $26.95
Erqaw84: well
Erqaw84: average price for bills is $14
Erqaw84: so
Erqaw84: i think is kinda cheappy
Ryanoceros-S>Menofwar/Silenthill: yeah, im mainly trying to trade my two games, one is $35, the other is $40.. so about a 50% discount
Erqaw84: buttt
Erqaw84: im not really interested
Erqaw84: :/
Ryanoceros-S>Menofwar/Silenthill: ah :P
Erqaw84: if u want
Erqaw84: mm
Erqaw84: do u have rep?
Ryanoceros-S>Menofwar/Silenthill: rep in what?
Erqaw84: like trader
Ryanoceros-S>Menofwar/Silenthill: ahhh on steam
Erqaw84: the thing that says u r trusworthy
Erqaw84: or that
Ryanoceros-S>Menofwar/Silenthill: well ive never scammed, and its at 10
Erqaw84: same me
Erqaw84: :L
Erqaw84: can we use
Erqaw84: trsuted middleman?
Ryanoceros-S>Menofwar/Silenthill: ive been scammed.. which i hated lol
Erqaw84: i was scammed a g pip long time ago
Erqaw84: :P
Ryanoceros-S>Menofwar/Silenthill: i know the feeling, and i would wanna do that to some1 else
Ryanoceros-S>Menofwar/Silenthill: its dumb how steam doesnt do shit...
Erqaw84: yeah
Erqaw84: :/
Erqaw84: mm
Erqaw84: what about if
Erqaw84: we use a trusted middleman
Erqaw84: in a forum
Erqaw84: i send the bills to gim
Erqaw84: him*
Erqaw84: when he recive it he tells u to send it to me
Erqaw84: ?
Ryanoceros-S>Menofwar/Silenthill: man, sorry id rather just trade my games.. i dont like doing out of steam trades anymore
Ryanoceros-S>Menofwar/Silenthill: really sorry bud.
Erqaw84: shit
Erqaw84: mm
Erqaw84: well
Erqaw84: do u agree with the trade
Erqaw84: ?
Erqaw84: of bills for minecraft
Erqaw84: i can send u bills 1st
Ryanoceros-S>Menofwar/Silenthill: 2 bills for minecraft?
Erqaw84: yeah
Ryanoceros-S>Menofwar/Silenthill: okay then
Erqaw84: mm
Erqaw84: in-game
Erqaw84: I ll take as many pics as i can
Erqaw84: ._.
Erqaw84: xD
Ryanoceros-S>Menofwar/Silenthill: kk lol, u know that minecraft is free lol, i got it for free
Erqaw84: is the
Erqaw84: free version
Erqaw84: :P
Erqaw84: where did u get it free
Erqaw84: or what
Ryanoceros-S>Menofwar/Silenthill: it was on a website :P
Ryanoceros-S>Menofwar/Silenthill: ohh it must have been free version..
Erqaw84: in
Ryanoceros-S>Menofwar/Silenthill: ima check the website i got it from
Erqaw84: or where
Erqaw84: :P
Ryanoceros-S>Menofwar/Silenthill: well yeah thats where i went
Erqaw84: Play Minecraft Classic (Outdated, but free)
Single player | Multi player
Erqaw84: that?
Erqaw84: :P?
Ryanoceros-S>Menofwar/Silenthill: ah yes it was a free version
Erqaw84: but
Erqaw84: u cant even craft there
Erqaw84: is just kinda aaa
Erqaw84: gameplay trial
Ryanoceros-S>Menofwar/Silenthill: ohhh
Ryanoceros-S>Menofwar/Silenthill: yeah i was just chopping trees and shit..
Erqaw84: i can download it 4 free but
Erqaw84: is indie
Erqaw84: so
Ryanoceros-S>Menofwar/Silenthill: it got boring :P
Erqaw84: :P
Erqaw84: nah
Erqaw84: i like those LONGGG adventure games
Erqaw84: xD
Erqaw84: (Terraria)
Ryanoceros-S>Menofwar/Silenthill: haha skyrim
Erqaw84: yeah
Erqaw84: xD
Ryanoceros-S>Menofwar/Silenthill: ever played spiral knights?
Erqaw84: my top wanted games are AC: revelations, skyrim and minecraft
Erqaw84: ooh
Erqaw84: yeah
Erqaw84: butt
Erqaw84: idk
Erqaw84: i dont wanna play MMOs
Erqaw84: D:
Ryanoceros-S>Menofwar/Silenthill: i want AC
Erqaw84: :o
Erqaw84: well
Erqaw84: mm
Erqaw84: are u trustworthy?
Ryanoceros-S>Menofwar/Silenthill: yep, i just dont like gettin scammed
Erqaw84: well
Erqaw84: are u ready?
Erqaw84: do u have money at ur credit card?
Ryanoceros-S>Menofwar/Silenthill: kk, yeah i have a credit card
Erqaw84: well
Erqaw84: lets go
Erqaw84: tf2?
Ryanoceros-S>Menofwar/Silenthill: yep
Ryanoceros-S>Menofwar/Silenthill: wat server
Erqaw84: ??
Ryanoceros-S>Menofwar/Silenthill: there you are
Erqaw84: man
Erqaw84: damn
Erqaw84: seriously
Erqaw84: :l
Ryanoceros-S>Menofwar/Silenthill: wat?
Erqaw84: dont scamm me
Erqaw84: pls
Erqaw84: :l
Ryanoceros-S>Menofwar/Silenthill: i understand
Erqaw84: :l
Erqaw84: i think is a
Erqaw84: code
Erqaw84: or idk
Erqaw84: are u there?
Ryanoceros-S>Menofwar/Silenthill se encuentra ahora en estado Desconectado.

Sorry for reporting here, i just want him to be punished ASAP.
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i will take the amputator
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2 reclaimed for that lovely strange amputator?
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Sure, add me :D
where r da lgs
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hiiii do you want to buy a strange southern hospitality to you for 1 rec and 2 scrap? :D you'll get good profit :)
No thanks, I'm selling them because I hate stranges :3
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Amputator 2 rec.
Yup, added :)
already got it haha
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.