I am looking to upgrade my Stormy Storm Charmers Chapeau to a higher tier effect.
I have the COMPLETE set of Sleeping Dog Promos (PC'ed at 1 pure as a set), DeadSpace Pack, DeadSpace 2, Bioshock 2, paints, stranges, etc.
I am aiming for an Energy effect Charmers (obv. P. Energy), but i will take all other offers.

P.s I am only adding what i have mentioned as sweets NOTHING else from my bp.
P.p.s I also do not want to do complete b/o's for other charmers, i will look for the best upgrade offer i can get.
P.p.p.s I will also take offers on the Charmers itself, but it is not a priority for me o sell it. Offers on the Gen. Triad Set and Games can also be taken up so feel free to offer, since the most i can do is say no =P

War Sherpas
3 Ebenezers + S. F. Knife. A bit low for now maybe, but the values of these items will definitely surpass this by the week before the christmas update.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.