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I'm not really expecting to sell this hat, but if I will, it'll be a start of a new era. I've tried this before, but closed the trade for some reason I forgot. My last c/o was about 1.5 buds
PEACE is a very nice effect

My Bonnet, the hat I really like. It's worth about 1 bud on pricechecks.
I think it's ridiculous, the hat is okay, and I get a lot of compliments on my hat, both from people with hightier hats as from others.

Point is, peace sign used to be 2-2/5 buds when pricing was stable, if the effect was higher, it was more valuable, and energy went for 3 buds minimum, even bad hats. Nowadays bad energy gets 1.5-2 buds, and everything bad under energy gets jackall, sometimes not even 10 keys for an unusual hat.

So I'm going to try and fight the market by overpricing my hat in a ridiculous fashion. I'm going to ask for 2 buds
because this is a special hat. it's not the plain rabble hats everyone has these days, the essential, the fast learner the 3 pipe. The overpriced normal hats, or the overpriced promo.
My unusual is not given out because someone bought a hat,
It's dropped by pure chance. some people have luck, and uncrate one of these special hats, some people may not be as lucky.

Just because some hat is prettier than yours, doesn't make them bad. Or Cancerous, a term I hate with all my being.
so yes. There are better hats, but taste varies, and if you, as I do, like this hat, and want it. it's not going to be a quick sale.

If you want this hat, it'll cost you.

If you decide I'm crazy, tell me so, and offer one bud, don't. I'm posting it here now, DON'T. I don't want people giving me sass about my price, about my text nor about my ideas. refrain from offering or posting, I have no need for your input.

that being said, I do appreciate genuine offers, from people who want this hat, but fail to have 2 buds, or make a lower offer to tempt me into selling. as long as it's fair by my price, I'll consider it in a genuinely nice manner

If you make a terrible offer as indicated in red, I'll not bother with a response, I'll hide your offer without any remark or notification, failing to realise I don't need your cheap ways, will result in an unpleasant response, before going to flat out rude
You stand up for what you believe not websites believe and for that i salute you fellow trader. *Takes Hat off*
Put the hat back on! You´re embarrassing yourself..
nice idea, i'm going to wear no hats at all this entire day. STOP UNUSUAL UNDERPRICING!
Zotzilaha Chamalcan
I'd like to see you do this vice-versa and buy unusual hats for higher prices
when i buy hats for promos, I end up paying more than what they asked if I like the hat. case in point, a guy was selling a logo engi cap for 15 keys, and I purchased it for 20. and engi cap is a very low hat, and I think logo is slightly lesser than peace (not sure). Seen enough?
you should also read the red text some more
Zotzilaha Chamalcan
i read the text, its just annoying when people act they're some sort of trading crusader when in reality they probably underbuy unusuals like all the rest. sorry if that offends you, and or wasting space
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well, yes. but that doesn't make the fact that lowtier effects are worth jack all now. I'm in favour of boosting the price of those hats. all the hats really. get the stable price incrementation thing back
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I like the idea, and if you ever plan on selling for a reasonable price, i'd be glad to trade with you.
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Edit: Your 1.5 bud offer was a few Team Captains and a crate 40. Also, 2 buds is very high of an ask.

This guy states the logic behind it in one of your old trades (See: "Captain Swag's" comment.)

On tf2backpack it's valued between 22keys and 27 keys (Source: It had 9 votes, which means the community agreed with this change.
[If you are unfamiliar with how works, it's the community that requests price changes based on trading history, and current market values. They have to provide evidence, get a mod sign-off, and get enough people to agree.]

I see you don't like reselling unusuals, or anything other then metal and keys for that offer. Looking that the item history, you also purchased it from someone else.

I would love to have this hat, and it seems you'd like to be rid of it, as well. I can't do 2 buds, but I'd love to discuss it's price with you. I know you want to make a profit, and I want to walk away a happy buyer.

Thanks man,

Also, go Avatar! :) what do you think of the legend of Korra?
ALSO, I will do keys/metal pure. NO RE-SELLING.
Papa Legba
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:) respect.

I hate that the market crashed and it's all overpriced.

Remeber when a bud meant something?

Remember when bills were 5 keys, buds 10?

Remember when even a fetti could get 1.5?

Those were the days.
^^^ i stopped playin tf2 for 3 months and came back to this shit^^^
Papa Legba
I stopped playing tf2 for a year and came back to this bullshit ^^^
i stopped playing tf2 for 10 year and come back to this megabullshit ^^^^
Papa Legba
Fuckin' troll, get banned.
Papa Legba
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I'd really like to offer, but my hat has been lowballed extremely. I have a planets shooters sola topi. I genuinely love this, and I wouldn't trade it for much. Can you possibly take interest in this?
I love the name, but unfortunately no. I don't like the planet effect much, and I rarely play sniper these days (because I can't aim for s*** q_q ) Thanks for the offer though
Papa Legba
Ok, have a good day.
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Interested in a bubbling grimm hatte?
I'd rather not, I don't like bubbling, it's a rather bad effect.
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You can say that a cancer peace hat used to worth 2 buds, but that was back when buds were 13 keys instead of 27 keys. It is the same price now as it was then.
bluh bluh, it still doesn't validate the grouping of every effect below plasma on one big heap, and then try to buy them for 10 keys. As I said, I have no need for any input, especially if you consider the bonnet cancer, a term i hate and clearly misused in this situation. don't even bother responding to me
Hey man, I payed 1.5 pure for my Hetman's which sells for under 20 keys nowadays. I'm just saying that your logic is rather flawed.
bluh bluh, it still doesn't validate the grouping of every effect below plasma on one big heap, and then try to buy them for 10 keys. As I said, I have no need for any input, now go away. just leave
[] selleri
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How many keys would I have to add to my nb one and ts bills?
I really hat the effect I'm afraid. I'd do your bud + bills + 4 keys
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.