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You stand up for what you believe not websites believe and for that i salute you fellow trader. *Takes Hat off*
Put the hat back on! You´re embarrassing yourself..
nice idea, i'm going to wear no hats at all this entire day. STOP UNUSUAL UNDERPRICING!
I'd like to see you do this vice-versa and buy unusual hats for higher prices
when i buy hats for promos, I end up paying more than what they asked if I like the hat. case in point, a guy was selling a logo engi cap for 15 keys, and I purchased it for 20. and engi cap is a very low hat, and I think logo is slightly lesser than peace (not sure). Seen enough?
you should also read the red text some more
i read the text, its just annoying when people act they're some sort of trading crusader when in reality they probably underbuy unusuals like all the rest. sorry if that offends you, and or wasting space
well, yes. but that doesn't make the fact that lowtier effects are worth jack all now. I'm in favour of boosting the price of those hats. all the hats really. get the stable price incrementation thing back