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(´ ・ω・ `) Thael Godsrin
I'm looking to sell my extensive craft #413 collection! I'm looking for around 5 BMOCs/earbuds, interchangeable/negotiable. Check out the last page of my backpack.

It's an important craft due to the extremely popular webcomic, Homestuck!

1st page of Homestuck:

413 as a motif:

If my buyout sounds good, go ahead and add me. Otherwise, offer away!


c/o: A Boston Boom Bringer, The Essential Accessories, and an Unusual Towering Pillar of Hats, Orbiting Planets
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Would you be willing to sell the Bucket alone?

I mean that is the most themed homestuck item probably in existence and I must have it (Though I probs don't have enough for it)
Yeah I almost came to tears when I saw it. I'd be willing to trade everything separately, but as you've mentioned, it's kind of the crown jewel of the collection. I'm not certain what the buyout would be on it, but probably... a buds or so. I mean, I don't even like saying that, but if I was approached with that offer I could probably let it go. Well, if you got together a bunch of fans, maybe you could pool your resources and split the collection? Or Paypal, that'd work too.
monster munch
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Shades for 1 ref and 2 scrap
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I'll offer 1 ref + a replacement Cosa Nostra Cap for your #413 one.
Reimu Hakurei
What are you looking for for the #413 3D glasses? I can offer my pair plus... whatever, we can work out a deal. I don't have anywhere near enough for the full collection.
Well, your inventory is set to private, if you could make it public so I know what I'm looking at, it might help. Fair warning now, I would prefer to keep the collection together as much as possible, but I'll try not to be unreasonable.
Reimu Hakurei
Should be viewable now.
Haha, it's still private. At least on here. Steam's a tricky thing, at times.
Reimu Hakurei
Ugh. SHOULD be working now.
Yes, it is working now. The things that jump out to me immediately would be the Boston Boom Bringer, the Essential Accessories, and of course, your Unusual. I don't want to be unreasonable with my demands, but again, if I can keep the collection together it would be preffered. Would you mind being c/o'd? Those three items for the entire collection? I can negotiate if you think any other option is better.
Reimu Hakurei
I'd actually be okay with being c/o'd for that, go for it.
I've added more to the collection, FYI.
Reimu Hakurei
Very nice. Is my c/o still valid in that case?
Yeah, totally. It's for the entire collection, after all.
Reimu Hakurei
Feel free to strike my offer, as I've sold the unusual. If I happen across another one or manage to get something valuable I may offer on it again. Otherwise, best of luck!
Hey, thanks for the interest. This will probably be up until the end of January or so. Good luck trading!
god damn this is some sexy shit, shame i'm building a new pc or i would be all over this.
The PC can wait... right?
i'm drooling trying to think of tags for these
Hey, well, I had some planned, if you'd like to hear them. I'll write them out, be right back.
slop here's the guy with the cowl, try snagging it off him, maybe he'll be convinced to put it in the collection.
something sollux on the 3d shades, dads pipe or something on the 9pipe, jack noir on the knives, felt stuff on the man of honor set, bucket i have NO IDEA which of the many things you could tag THAT, hoodie god tier something, ill try and think of more general ideas
Yeah, I've been having trouble contacting that guy for the Cowl, he lives in Russia and time differences and all that. As for the names:
balloonicorn maplehoof/ride the pony, pistols jake english stuff, unarmed combat could be any of the many missing limbs, human cannonball this is incredibly stupid
Pomson 6000 - Ahab's Crosshairs || Balloonicorn - Maplehoof || Pencil Pusher - Calliope's Tablet Pen || Unarmed Combat - Jack Noir's Missing Arm || Double Cross Comm - ((Something about the Kid's headsets)) || Distinguished Rogue - Mindfang's Coat || Human Cannonball - Mituna Captor's Helmet || Cosa Nostra - Scottie Dog Carrying Case || Big Earner - Show Him Your Stabs || Wanga Prick - Thorns of Oglogoth || Nine Pipe Problem - ((Alternative)) Clever Disguise [OR] Dad's Pipe || Brain Bucket - Filail Pail/The Quadrants || Hottie's Hoodie - Gog Tier || Stereoscopic Shades - Sollux's Shades || Liquor Locker - Prankster's Chest [DESCRIPTION] Your arms are in your magic chest, Pooplord!
towel fresh towel, made man rose lalonde[?], point and shoot magic isn't real, moonman paradox space, wanga prick whatsisname from the felt intermission who had the voodoo doll
yeh those are pretty good
Oh nice, we had some similar ideas. Hadn't thought of Jake English's stuff for the pistols, that's brilliant! Yes, these totally need names, but I put all spare change I have into getting more items for the collection. Which is awesome in its own right.
Oh wait, how about THIS IS STUPID for the Moonman's Backpack? It's like the jetpack John uses when Terezi convinces him to get himself killed.
heh 8] ima get off for now, maybe think of more later, my friend owes me around ~7 buds so maybe ill pick this up someday once he liquidates his hats.
oh yeah thats perf yes go with that
Alright, you know where to find me. I await your return.
Any update on the friend? I'm just trying to get an idea of a timeframe so I know how much to push my collecting.
soz been busy w work and shit, no decent offers on the hats he has at the moment so nothing going on right now
All good, and I understand. I've been working as well, haha. College life is rough, but trading is kind of relaxing. Alright, just keep me posted, and in the mean time, I'll keep looking for more crafts to add to the collection.
Division Bells
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whats so special about 413 more autism?
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>likes ponies and is from /vg/
Division Bells
lel green texting out of 4chan, also the ponyfuckers groups have a reason to be there faglord
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>using lel non-ironically. I shiggy diggy.
You are on your way to: De_Stroyed
guys stop using reddit's meme arrows here
>but they're so funny, lol. XDDD I thought they were from 9Gag though?
Division Bells
implying lel is only for irony faget
>says implying, doesn't greentext
Division Bells
yeah i dont tend to greentext out of 4chan kid, i dont feel like hurr i should use meme arrous everywhere cus im 4chan and super kewl i are anonimouse
guis pls rly
Division Bells
or being in the 4chan group cus hurr everyone will see i arre anonimouse, im in the deep interbutts and know all knew me mes XD
Heh, I was originally going to respond seriously, but when I saw where you were from, I thought shitposting was only fitting. I mean, a tripfag? Seriously? Good luck with your damage control
Division Bells
Meh im of the few tripfags who dont shitpost, i think i once got off topic, but none after that
Oh, well, that's respectable at least. And it was nice meeting you. Good luck trading.
Division Bells
same to you mate
I have the 413# Quackenbirdt
I hardly imagine you're at all interested since your set is legendary god tier at the moment. However i'm also piecing together a homestuck set if you care to take a ganders :3
It's impressive, and I like the names. I have ideas for a couple of mine, but I never thought of a themed Purity Fist for Vriska, for example. Very nice job. And hey, perhaps if I don't get /any/ good offers, or they're so low that it's hardly worth taking them, this collection will find its way to you when I'm done trading. Better that it go to a good home than it rot in my backpack during the two year service mission I'll be serving.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.